Information science admissions in Bangalore focuses on current Information Technology trends, and Domain Specific Applications. The course facilitates the evolution of skills in students to help them attain a higher degree of knowledge, global competency and excellence, for the betterment of the society. The four year B.E degree equip the students to meet day- to- day Technological advancements of the ever dynamic IT field through adept training on various subjects of curriculum of Information Science and engineering and beyond. The department offers B.E program through various scheme from the Pragati consultancy. The Information science Engineering program ensures a good standard and solid knowledge in designing, creating and maintaining the software. The department with a very good team of highly qualified and talented faculty members including Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors.

Information science and engineering course opting through pragati consultancy at is designed to meet industry standard and cope up with the emerging technology. There is a great emphasis on holistic learning to help the students to make significant contributions at all levels and to meet the expectations of stakeholders. The department is well known for its research excellence in various competitive areas of Information Science. Students are made to involve vigorously in research activities. The department provides industry collaborated courses for the students.

The Information Science & Engineering graduates will be able to design, develop and implement solutions for software based real life problems that meet the desired requirements. They use modern tools with the required latest techniques and skills for computer-based systems. They learn to appraise the ethical, legal, professional and social norms of engineering practice and will be able to communicate effectively, write effective reports, and design good documentation and make effective presentations. Information science and Engineering course from Pragati consultancy is designed to meet industry standard and cope up with the emerging technology. Information Science and Engineering division in India is generating more than 2.5 million direct employments. India is now one of the biggest IT capitals of the modern world and all the major players in the IT sector world are present in the country. The IT industry has also created significant demand in the Indian education sector, especially for Engineers in Information Technology.

Information Science and Engineering Department was established with an objective to produce experienced professionals as per the demands of the emerging field of Information Science and Engineering (ISE). Since its beginning, it has made brisk growth in imparting education in the areas of Computer Engineering & Information Technology. Innovations in cutting edge technologies have led to the increase in the requirement of IT personnel hence; the Department has taken this as a challenge to meet the industrial demand. Information science admissions in Bangalore provide a broad based foundation in information technology for those who seek careers in IT industry. The ISE Department has well-qualified faculty members who strive for excellence.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) has become the need of the hour in the globalized world. Flexibility in communication across the globe is facilitated by the evolution of communication technologies and their advancements. Information science engineering enables connectivity of data across the globe. It caters to the needs of all other domains that require large data intensive applications and it dispersion effectively. The e-paradigms such as electronic business (e-bus), electronic commerce (e-com), e-learning (electronic learning), e-governance (electronic governance) are the products of advancements in information explosion and technology.