Students of computer science course develop excellent programming skills in various programming languages beyond curriculum to meet industry expectations. They are also given hands on training with the various operating systems. They acquire unique skills to design, develop, and implement solutions of highest quality and standards towards software real life problems. Special skills which are required for scientific and research applications are also developed here. The future of this branch is filled with boundless innovation and limitless opportunities in India and abroad.

Career in best engineering colleges for computer science in Bangalore is considered one of the most high-paying jobs and is a pool of unlimited opportunities; particularly when India’s progress in information technology industry is recognized across the globe. Computer Engineers have plenty of options to work in IT companies in departments such as design, development, assembly, manufacture and maintenance, etc. They can work as a programmer, web developer, and E- commerce specialist with telecommunications companies, automotive companies, aerospace companies, etc. Moreover, numerous national and multi-national computer manufacturing companies, computer hardware system design and development companies, computer networking companies, software development companies, etc. require computer professionals in large numbers. Life without computer technology has become unimaginable and thus the career in this branch has the highest scope. Pragati consultancy provides seat in top computer science engineering colleges in Karnataka within your budget.

About the Course:

  • To facilitate constructing fundamental knowledge of computer science and also Advanced Programming concepts and Techniques among students
  • To enhance the necessary Skills in the area if Information Science thorough study and experimenting
  • To help students in such a way that solving both the hardware and software problems by installing deeper understanding of computer systems
  • To get ready students to be proficient sufficient to meet the expectations of the industry
  • To instill the spirit of research among students in the concerned area

We work with the motivation and dedication to impart the best knowledge to highly talented students admitted in our department. A wide range of courses are offered to students to help them understand the various intricacies involved in computing. The computer science courses are planned in such a way to appeal to students’ capability to think originally and creatively. The best engineering colleges for computer science in Bangalore are trained to produce computer engineers with the ability to design and develop systems involving the integration of software and hardware devices. The department is equipped with modern computer labs, with well-trained lab assistants, to empower students with a better understanding of the theory lecture sessions and to give them an exposure to practical problem solving.

Through Pragati consultancy, which gives students a chance to participate in the process of selecting top engineering colleges in Karnataka. Starting from a single room with a small group of students it has grown into a hub of ideas where a large number of students work on innovative projects. The department handles projects independently and in collaboration with other research institutes. The funding organizations for this domain are government organizations and industry. The vibrant academic environment and a tradition of active participation in technical events have resulted in publications in premier conference proceedings and leading journals

The knowledge and competence of the students year after year has resulted in leading companies visiting the campus regularly for placement offers. Many students are found opting for top computer science engineering colleges in Karnataka. With an inclusion of Summer Internships and International Internships, the students get practical exposure to professional work environment.