Father of our Nation said, "The soul of India rests in villages". And villages look to agriculture for their existence. And yet, no other profession, in recent times, has been neglected so much or even abandoned, as agriculture, although it is still the backbone of the economy of a country like ours. Enchanted by the gloss and glamour of new areas supposedly endowed with more potential for sky high earnings, like IT, Bioinformatics etc, agriculture has been sadly relegated to the background and a course like B.Sc. - Agriculture admissions or Agricultural engineering trends are seen by most as poor alternatives to other disciplines of Engineering or Technology courses. It is high time we realized the fact that a degree in Agriculture or related fields like Fisheries, Horticulture, Agricultural Management and Agricultural Technology can open new vistas and a variety of career options.

Student Counselling A step back to the study in university/college/course process is student’s choice from different branches of subjects he wishes to make a career in. A field like Business Medicine, Agriculture, Administration, Science, Engineering, Economics, Law, Arts etc. is quite wide and can further be broken down into specialized courses; higher education is nothing but an in-depth study into a particular branch of that field. Choosing the appropriate course is a meticulous and at times even a strenuous task due to the availability of plethora of courses. At Pragati consultancy, our consultants through one-to-one dialogue with students and parents explain various options available and suggest the most apt one based on counseling sessions with them. We understand the dilemma and anxiety a student experiences and hence make students and parents feel at ease and explain everything bit by bit. Cost of Study this is an area which most students would like to have detailed information first, before they plan their education. In fact, knowledge about the costs involved is a ’must’ before one venture into this not-so-cheap process.

Attending advanced degree in big BSC Agriculture admissions is a very expensive endeavor. College fees are complemented with other expenses like accommodation, food, travel, stationeries etc. Universities offer meritorious grants or scholarships to students on tuition fees only however most of the times they encourage students to seek other funding sources to support their education due to very limited availability of grants and scholarship programs.

We understand course fees can get overwhelming for students and parents and we believe that this shouldn’t be a hindrance in pursuing your dream or realizing your passion. It is the will and hard work of anyone that leads to success. We will help you in our own way to secure financial aid by helping you apply for private loans, approach funding organizations, work with you on your budgets and complete college fee.

Families need a safe and secure way to assess their educational options and to make intelligent and wise choices without pressure. by collaborating with a BSC agriculture admissions through our educational consultant, Parents can make good decisions, gain peace of mind, preserve healthy family relationships and reduce stress.

BSC Agriculture admissions is an undergraduate course related to the field of Agriculture. The duration of the course is 4 years. This course is high demand among students of the present time. The course study helps the candidate to gain knowledge in diverse aspects of agriculture. The students of the course can identify the most modern methods used in fertilizer technology, plant biotechnology etc. The principles of Agricultural economics and plant pathology are also studied under the course. Apart from scientific skills, the participants of the course are offered with marketing skills for agricultural products.